my character goes crazy

when I press up, the character goes way to high. if I press right arrow it goes to far and fast. please help me, the link to my game is

I looked at this game yesterday, and I could’nt find anything in the player’s code that would be doing this.
your x gravity is messing with some stuff though, the character would drift forwards after jumping.might want to set it to 0

his density is set to 1.0 lol

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You have 2 Run & Jump bundles.
Your jumping twice.

thanks very much

Anything else you need fixed?

when the character hits the lever ( in the second level) I want to make it try to spawn barriers but it won’t work.

having 0.1 density and 2 run and jumps would do it for sure. how did I not see that?

Where do you want to barrier to spawn?
The spawn is set to 1,1 so its going to the top left of the game .

The spawn uses pixels so it needs to be exact.
You can fin the spot you want to spawn by making a new object, placing it where you want it to spawn, and then use the extractor behaviors to find the location (in pixels) of that spot.


can you tell me how the Y and X things work please?

X and Y r usually concerning axis and length, adjust them to change the shape of ur game

@alexhay thanks.

Can you give me a example of a spawn code?