my character is being thrown!

in my game I have two separate character one with a gun one without a gun. to pick up a new gun you must drop the other gun you press v and it emits the character without the gun, but when he drops the gun it is throwing the character across the screen even with the emit force at zero! can anyone mabe explain to me why this is happening? here

its because the player is getting deleted and deploying a copy at the same time, try making the player holding a gun an animation… if you don’t know how to do this use the “enabled” function to disable the players hitbox a tenth of a second before it destroys the player & puts a copy.



@TheForgotten it it behaves perfectly while picking up the gun it is when he drops it that he gets thrown!

@seamothmaster45 I would do the same thing as it would still fix that issue too.

I have made the animation solution, it would be a lot better of a solution then ^.
When the player walks it sends a msg that flips from a to b every “x” amount of seconds and when you collide with the guns it turns off the inputs to other animations and turns on the inputs to the animation with the player holding that gun. in this example, the first frame of the animation frame is the player being idle & it would flip thro the 2nd & 3rd animation frames when running.

but if you do that won’t he be able to shoot even if he doesn’t have a gun and they would just look different and not have special abilities that only they have