My editor is malfunctioning... I think

Hello, everyone. Something is wrong with my editor. It seems like whenever I use the “Emit” behavior, the game reports an infinite loop error, even though I only did this:

Screenshot 2023-01-11 8.51.18 PM

If anyone has answers, it would be great. Thank you in advance.



I think grazer stated this before, but is the emit behavior in the object “BANANANANA”? When you play the game, the object will spawn itself, which the copy itself will spawn yet another copy and it’s infinite. The stress on the game causes it to error and show an infinite loop.

I would recommend probably moving the emit to another object.


This is in the object called the “Banana Spawner”

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I just checked all 3 Banana Spawners and there is no emitter in any of them.

On the BANANANANA object, in the “Entering” bundle, you have an emitter on it so everytime it emits into the world, it spawns itself again, plus it has a repeater to spawn it multiple times.
This bundle or at least the emit code needs to be moved to the Banana Spawner


Ooooh. I never zoomed out that much in the “BANANANANA” editor, so I never even realized it was there! I’m sorry for bothering you for nothing.

Thank you so much.


I’m just glad I could help.

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