My enemy is shooting the wrong way

my squirrel is shooting backwards here’s my game

switch the emitter from 1 to -1

Flowlab Game Creator - Invasion of the Shotgun Squirrels - Google Chrome 11_22_2019 12_03_12 PM


but now it don’t shoot at me.

You have set the Always, Extractors and Number blank. They do nothing.

pls explain

If you wan’t to shot player:

  • (all Extractors) value --> in (all Numbers)
    If you not:
  • Delete Always, Extractors and Number.

it doesn’t work

Try this:

how do i make it doesnt work

  1. The Extract behavior needs to be “This X” and “Other X
  2. Pass only goes to the top switch, not the bottom switch
  3. Bottom Switch Out doesn’t go to the top switch In
  4. (This was my mistake) Change the filter to “Less than 1

Fix these and it will work

picture pls

Its almost the same picture but ok. You forgot the bottom switch goes to the top switchin”.
How you have your velocity works, but you could also do this for less coding. ^^^


it wont flip back

I don’t even know how extract works so…

Do you want it to shoot the side the player is on (left or right) or directly to the player (all around 360 degrees)?

Right now it shoots left or right depending on of the player is to the left or right.
If you want it to shoot at any direction, you would need a bit more advance set up with this.

Because you still never attached what is highlighted in the picture.

Here’s the single input you need for it to work:

Almost lost this discussion cause of “someone” flooding the forum.

If you want to shoot at the player at all times instead of left and right, then you would need to use the AngleTo bundle in my example. If you do this, then the emit force would need to be 1.


AngleTo Example: