my enemy when it moves isn't touching the ground its floating

here is my game link: https:

help me please

it’s because the collision shape is circle

This is because the ground is not completely filled in. Finish this top part and this small visual bug will go.Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 11.54.13 AM

make the collision shape rectangle or capsule

Or just remove the two yellow dots on top of the road to make the hitbox lower.

It worked!!! Thanks

No problem @“Grey Dog” . This is an easy fix, but if anything else comes up, just let us know! We are glad to be able to help.

It wasn’t you meburningslime sorry

it was Username55

@“Grey Dog” it will still glitch out for every other object you use unless you fix that too.

that never happened yet

can one of you play my game and see if anything els is wrong please


I don’t see any thing not working, but you spelled exit wrong in the shop

Sorry I am only 7

its ok. nice job though


you are a nice guy

thank you