My Filter is not Working

I am making a double jump rn that’s different from the tutorial one and something weird is happening. Basically, I have a jump counter that’s set to 2, and whenever I press w (jump) it subtracts 1 from the counter. Then I have a filter detecting a value greater than 0 from the jump counter. Whenever it hits zero, it goes into a switch which turns my jump off (and resets when I hit the ground using raycast). So when I jump twice without landing, my jump gets turned off an I fall. This is where the bug occurs. Once I double jump and land on the ground, the jump counter resets, but the switch stays off. Any suggestions?


sorry must have been internet but it works

Here’s the fix, you had your filters backwards.
Also set the raycast number to 2 so you can jump on 1.


shoot let me send u a diff link

Could you leave a link to the game? sorry bout that