My first FlowLab game - Batty's Escape!

Hi! I’m new to FlowLab. Well, I joined a year or so ago but didn’t do anything with the account. But anyways over the last few days I’ve been working on a simple, old-school, rage-style platformer called Batty’s Escape:

This game is not supposed to be easy and eventually I’d love to add more levels with the ultimate goal of posting to the app stores.

Still under development and I’m open to feedback. Thanks!

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Good start - a few notes

Your character is sticking on the walls when you left +arrow up

I would consider reducing the gravity a bit

Background music not necessary - remove unless you can find a way to fade in/ out with your message



Thanks for trying it out! I wanted the bat to stick to edges (like a real bat), but I can also see it being annoying.

I’ll take another look at the gravity.

Fading the music in/out with messages would be interesting. I’ll take a look at that, too.

Appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

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Adjusted the Y gravity a touch - navigating should feel easier now.

Anyone else give my first game a try plz?

Good Game, Though i don’t find it difficult. Maybe make more spikes, or so that you can’t touch the ground. The level design is unique and fun. Please make your own sprites. a lot of the game’s sprites are re-textures of Flowlab’s. Thanks for letting me see this game.

@GrimstoneInc Thanks for taking a look! I’ll change up the sprites eventually, especially if there is enough positive feedback.

I’ve had a few friends (and even my own kids) play it and they’ve had fun with it as well. They just want more levels lol. Some found it difficult, some found it easy. Honestly, I’m having a hard time gauging the y gravity based off feedback I’ve gotten.

Thanks again :slight_smile: