My first game. Escape from Hell

Took me 3 days hardly any sleep. I hope you like it!

Music is good!

@starpg For a first game this is actually brilliant! I found this game enjoyable, slightly challenging and a really good start. Heck, you got a nail on both labels and variables! You even added animations which is really good as well!

Next step is working on making your own tiles, which may seem hard at first but is not when you get used to it and try to make them seamless, which means a block is smooth and continuous. Also, maybe try your own backdrops, too. Keep working on it buddy!

If you need any help, just tag me with @“The Kodex” and I will answer. This was definitely worth all the sleep you missed!

I appreciate it I did a lot of research to do what I did there lol. I will def be hitting you up! I’m starting fresh on a new game right now with all that I’ve learned so far. Thank you!

like i said in seamoth reviews this is a really great first game! looking forward to your next game!