My first game to be put on

I made a game called Space Dungeons and decided to add more to it. This is just a demo but I decided to add it into, here’s the page.

Space Dungeons! by Newgamesgamemaker (

This is the first time i’ve done this so feels pretty cool to do that.

Wondering if one of ya’ll would download that if you want.


grats on your first itch release!

I would strongly reccomend adding a death animation, screen, and a coherent main menu instead of the game essentially rebooting instantly. good game though!



(By the way there is a death animation maybe you just didn’t see it?)

Hi buddy want to talk for a little bit

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Sure but not here let me DM you

Ok I updated the game to fix something, so E

ok let me test it @Deadly_Smile

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Wait it didnt change!?

So I played for no reason

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talk to you at twelen go to go down something

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I fixed it

Oh hey @Deadly_Smile !
Finally you’re back! still waiting for those Playtime updates!
I also downloaded the game you have here.


Ok, also I’ve always been back, just to busy working on games lol

Hey wanna to talk for a bit

I thought we were gonna zoom call, Etea

nooo dont use zoom it steals your data

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Just about any form of social media, audio, and video will most likely still your data along with being stored for analytics.

Even my own microphone on my phone listens to me and suggests ads and products that I mentioned once before.
Apps and other websites also steal data just from what you search.

So technically, no where is safe.


Alrighty, I hated zoom anyway


Srry about dat I had to take my dad to da airport