My first mobile game :)

I have my first game on google play!
It’s just my cat cafe game but I added a couple things

Also I’m like so rich


Woohoo, congrats on getting your game published! :partying_face:


Wish i had that cash. Nice game though, happy to see it published!


can you teach me how to add a game to play store???

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Just search it up on google, all that flowlab needs to do is export the game, and then you have to do a ton more things on google play store.

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but you need do pay to upload a game

I literally just said to search it up on google.

Hey @pimpoplays - there is no charge to upload a game to Google Play, but I think the fee to sign up for a developer account is around $20?

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yes @grazer , oh! i forgot i tried to buy but my credit card was with NO MONEY! (i forgot!!)

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