my first zombie game.

This has probably been one of the concepts I’ve wanted to do the most. It’s a big time work in progress.

The survivor bots work well…i guess
the game itself is ok.
was to move and space to shoot…


I want to see more

A, B, or C:

A: Aim/shoot up and down
B: Better bot AI
C: 32 bit graphics

Yeah this kind of genre is fun to make, isn’t it.
I’d like choice A because that’s also needed in my game… and I can’t figure it out the way I want it to

Ok… i like it
reminds me of “Death Road To Canada”.
I bet later you will add some “jngthree sugar” to make it better and different. xD

oh and i think the player bullets dont kill the zombies :confused:

I would pick the option A

They do, it’s just the shotgun gives 3 damage at point-blank, and the zombies health ranges from 3 to 15

I’m probably going to have a remake but using more realistic textures, and use models to help with spriting.

Edit: I may temporarily migrate to another engine and make it a fist-person shooter

And maybe some source film maker for cutscenes… even though I have no idea how to use it… and idek about voice acting

@PixelPizza think you can make me some more realistic looking 32 bit survivor sprites?

@grazer the attacher is flipping the attached object when the attaching object flips, even tho it’s not set to match rotation


I completely rebuilt the shooting system, use the left/right/down keys to aim, while using up/space to shoot

Update: Jenny’s general condition is shown, but to get her exact health, you must look at her actual health bar.
Ricky will get one as well… soon…

Oh, that’s pretty good! I like the updated graphics.

Ricky got a general status bar too

@Luminous700 I made it to where from 15-20 seconds the zombies will die out, but I’m planning to have a spawner that replaces the dead ones, but the longer the player takes the harder it’s gonna get… either that or I’m going to have a despawn system that despawns the ones that haven’t interacted in a while, so the ones onscreen stay while the ones off will die out. This system will also prevent lag

This also allows a survival mode.

That would be really great for my laptop, because its processor is really slow. It’d be really cool if there was a mode (level) where there are many survivors, but the zombies are coming to infect them so you have to fend them off until the invasion is over.

So basically a defend mode where you play with the original cast of survivors (who are immune) and you must defend a bunch of other survivors (who are immune, but will become sick if bitten, and if one becomes sick- you must go fetch a antibiotic shot and leave the other two survivors to defend them else they will die and the mode ends.)

Or Maybe this could be campaign 2, chapter 1, where you find a group of survivors who are immune (again to some extent) but aren’t in a good enough fighting shape to independently escape, so you must lead them to a military base, but the original survivors decide to go search for more, by the time they get back they find that the base is abandoned. Ricky concludes that they must’ve migrated because of being overwhelmed.

I already talked about making sprites to another persons… sorry

Ur game is going very nice

It’s alright @PixelPizza

If anyone is willing to help, they will receive credit for it