My Flowjam 2022 game: The Glowing Fella

The Glowing Fella Cover
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The Glowing Fella is a game about some random dude with multiple personalities. Each personality is its own thing, and each one can do things that the other can’t. Transform into a unified self through some self-discovery and soul-searching.

The game isn’t finished yet, but is playable. Me and my friend @nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time made this game on January 1st, 2022. Check the solution to this topic for the latest updates.


New updates today!

  • New level!
  • Music for all levels!
  • Removed the lighting system because it was inconsistent and/or I’m just too stupid to use it.
  • Added some animated backgrounds!
  • Changed the outline color of the pause and fullscreen buttons so they fit the red and blue scheme and also to differentiate them from the Gamougg game(s) they originated from!

Introducing skin packs! Use the new sprite editor to copy and paste sprites from the object library and onto the player character. The first official skin pack is from Taile Gamougg.
This skin pack contains two skins, one for the regular form and one for the alternate form. This skin pack is in the game already, so you don’t have to download this one. Try it out!


Last update before the Flowjam ends?

Both me and my friend nhgcr are busy with work so a large amount of the game may be cut. :cry:

  • Added a car (With new and easier controls)!
  • Added the Robot Biker skin pack (note: all skin packs are free).
  • Added a new level.
  • Added fading text to the pause button to make the UI more immersive.

Ok, this is definitely the last update before the Flowjam ends.

I just want to thank you all for playing the game and I hope you enjoy it. It takes me time to release a good Flowlab game, but shrinking my ambitions kinda helped.

  • Finished level 8 and all previous levels (level 8 is the last and hardest level in the game).
  • Added the Jump Continuer (critical part of level 8).
  • Updated description
  • Added the CubeTales 3 Lava Rider skin pack (CubeTales 3 has not released yet and the Lava Riders most likely will be but also may not be in CubeTales 3)!
  • Added credits

Alpaca Raceway Blue Glowing Fella Car
Alpaca Raceway Red Glowing Fella Car
New Alpaca Raceway skin pack I made (@CodeAlpaca you can also use them in Alpaca Raceway if you want)

The skins in this pack are separate images unlike the rest of this game’s skin packs.