My friend cant make an account

so my friend saw a game I’m making and thought it was pretty sick and wanted to try flowlab out, but he cant make an account. He’s checking all the boxes, and doing all the thingies it asks him, but it doesnt work. Red bold words pop up and say failed to validate recaptcha thing. Please fix this.

That never happened to me, but one thing that might help is to make sure the Email hasn’t already been taken. After you try using multiple Emails that have already been taken, then the recaptcha will ask you to verify since you tried using already existing emails. If thats not the case, then I have no idea then. You might have to ask @grazer or someone.

At the very worst, I guess he would have to sign up with Facebook, or make a new email, if that’s the problem. Without knowing what he is seeing, can’t really help. There is a help contact button on the main website screen, usually on the bottom left, where he can email grazer, and send him a screenshot.

The CAPTCHA is from google, not me - most people just need to click a checkbox, or select some pictures or whatever. I don’t like the thing myself, but I added it last year(?) when the forum was getting overrun with Korean spammers.

Is your friend using some sort of unusual browser or something? I guess maybe some weird browser extension could break it as well.

no, he uses good @grazer. I dont know if he has Facebook @“Mhx Ar”. And @ManiacPumpkin, who would take his email? The only people in my city who know about flowlab are the few people I hang out with.

We also did try to do this at school, so I don’t know if it was the school wifi acting up or what.

Schools are weird, they have really unusual things blocked. Try it at home.

Success! Must have been a weird glitch or something because we tried just now and it worked.