My game broke!

My game, Kubic Kwest is broken for some reason! The animations have gone all weird, and I haven’t checked if anything else is broken! Do you know what happened?

Please, please, please reply! I’m desperate to fix it!


Right now Im not on my computer so I cant help, but make sure that your animation blocks within code work well, and move them to make sure there arent others layered behind them (can happen while accidentally cloning things). Check flowlabs guide on every block to make sure youre using the outlets correctly.

Hope this helps!

They look like they work, they look like this because you have frames in the wrong animation.
Like in the “Walk Left” animation, he looks forward before going right.
He needs to just go right as the animation.

But how do you fix it? Without a few excruciating minutes of art? And I haven’t cloned ANYTHING.

I’m just really annoyed.
Thanks for helping though :slight_smile:

You should make an unused animation that copies every unique frame,
so you can copy that frame and paste it into other animation.

You just need to delete the frames that aren’t looking the same direction meant for the animation. (like when he looks forward when it just needs to be walking right)

How do you copy frames?
Cause i’m new to flowlab, and I only got it for a school project, and I thought 'I shouldn’t let this account go to waste. I’m also in free version.

I’ll try, though.

This is your copy and paste

Ok, cool.

Thanks, it worked!

Oh, there’s also a thing when you get killed by the (developing) boss, and then you kill it, the game freezes and you have to refresh the page.

And when I was designing the ammo system, if you pick up the second pile of rocks when your first pile has run out, the game also freezes.

@gamerztrio, for the ammo system, make the alert display in the player.
Same with the Boss, displaying an alert after a destroyed objects crashes the game.

But now you can’t throw anymore.
After getting the first pile.

Because you need to delete the object attached to refresh it.
Either by turning it off after you thrown all of them OR re-attaching when you pick up a new pile.