My game crashes

My game crashes when I have a certain object get destroyed.

XCV to move

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@RageDayz - lol
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Maybe it just crashes because of how many there are…?

Yay, I was tagged! I actually had a similar problem, I think whenever you destroy the block, check if their are any infinite loops, like, every time it does A, it leads to B which leads back to A and so fourth…

I’ll check again…

Check out my game and look for loops yourself, please?

Maybe in the “red body” object?
@“The Kodex”

@RageDayz I see NO reason why this is happening… @Grazer ? Is this a glitch?

@“RageDayz”, I think there is a bug happening.
Flowlab Game Creator - - Google Chrome 4_23_2020 2_18_21 PM
See the text highlighted in red? There seemed to have been an error here. Something about a property failing to work. @“grazer”, I think this might be the reason why the game crashes, since this message pops up only when the game crashes.

This crash seems to be similar to another crash that I already reported it a while ago.
According to the Flowlab Trello, a fix for this crash will be deployed in the next Update.
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Thanks @Superstargames for showing the console log, and thanks @RageDayz for reporting this :slight_smile:

Sure, just happy to help!

And I will be waiting for this to be patched!

@RageDayz - I just deployed an update a few minutes ago. Does this crash still happen?

The crash is no longer present, and the game works perfectly well.