My game freezes

if you load into level 2 and then either die or go into the editor it freezes.
here’s my game-

Now the game is completely broken

it works fine for me

Hey @Lexmaier06 - it seems to be working OK for me as well. Is there anything specific you need to do to trigger the crash?

nvm it’s fine now,

But i made the character movable again and now when he gets hit by the bat then he keeps being pushed

And that’s when it crashes

it still seems fine to me! do you think maybe it is your computer?

Hmm possibly, but it’s a very good one

It can’t be, if you walk up to the electric bat, and kill it, then you’ll start sliding, and randomly moving. Then the game freezes if you go into edit

I see now since you said “then you’ll start sliding, and randomly moving”.

The game freezes after killing the bat because you destroyed the bat while its attached.
You need to put the death trigger inside the “bat mover” instead because…
a destroyed object is still attached, and this breaks Flowlab.

And also the “Bat Mover” is still there to push you around.
But I’m sure destroying the attached objects is why its crashing your game.

This is what I took out and put in the “Bat mover” (I moved the attacher and alpha to see it better).

What I removed out of the “Electric Bat” object:

What I moved and added to the “Bat Mover” object:

Thanks for reporting this issue! Destroying an attachment should be fine, I’ll get this fixed in the next release.