My game has general lag issues

Here is a link to my game:

It is having some general lag issues. When I play on my PC (on the site or embedded), I notice occasional slowdowns, but nothing I can’t deal with. When I play on my iPad (on the site or embedded), there are severe lag issues. I realize that my iPad is underpowered compared to my PC, and that is probably the cause of the discrepancy. On my iPad, the game stutters badly and actually runs FAST (almost seems like the frame rate doubles). The running fast doesn’t make sense to me but I know it is linked to the lag issues. When I delete all the “green balls” from the level using a destroy behavior, the lag issues, including the speeding up, go away. I knew that a lot of proximity behaviors could cause lag, so I use raycasts to check for walls inside the “green ball” programming.

Here is my question: Is there any way I could further reduce lag? Is there anything I’m doing that could be the cause of this lag? Possibly something within the “green ball” programming?

Additionally: Has anyone else encountered the “speeding up” issue before? Tips on fixing?

And finally: If you have the chance to test my game, let me know if you encounter lag, how bad, and how powerful your device is.

Im Using A Chromebook And I Have Absolutly No Lag


Does the game seem to be running fast at all? You could check the timer in the game with an actual clock or stopwatch.

If it has zero lag, that surprises me, because I can’t imagine a chromebook is particularly high-powered.

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The Timer Is Super Fast (Kinda). It Takes 1.28-3.47 Seconds To Load Everything In The Game, spelling Errors Intensifys There Are Curtent Chromebooks (I Dunno The Model Name) That Can Do This.

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But, If I Press Edit Game I Will Have alittle Lag

What lag?

I mean, i AM using a gaming tower so i’m not the one you should be asking about lag…


I’m using a gaming tower as well for the most part, the issue is when I switch to my iPad haha

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