My game has insane lag?

I have recently started to make a game. After completing a level, another area is unlocked. But as soon as this happens, my game crashes and i have to quite the tab. I know I don’t have the best computer, but any ideas to reduce lag?

Thanks: Flowlab Game Creator - Shape Shooter


Maybe try using RayCast instead of Proximity. Also instead of using Always, you could use a timer set to repeat forever.

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Thanks, but I don’t know how ray cast works. I tried using it on a platformer and things didn’t turn out well. And could you give me a screenshot for the timer one?



Thanks, but I have no idea what to do with that.



It’s at 60fps I’m not sure there IS a problem.

It is alright at the start, but after you complete the level, things go down pretty quickly.

Using timer did help, but it still lags, and I don’t understand how to use ray cast, any other suggestions, or should I drop the project?

Dont drop the project.
What don’t you understand about raycast?

oh, i see the lag at the end. The number of smart objects starts going up like crazy for some reason. Probably just a bug in your code. Ill look into it.

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I’ll also post the problems I see along the way.

  1. the cursor doesnt update unless you move it. Put it in GUI and use screen coordinates.

Thanks, but if I change it to screen co ordinates, the aim cursor is way above my actual cursor.

… Read my previous message…
Use screen coordinates AND in GUI layer.