My Game is Broken.. Please Help

So, my game is basically broken… Everything was working and I refreshed it and now nothing will work. I’ve tried everything. @grazer

Here’s my game:


Yeah sorry, until @grazer fixes the mobile controls I can’t help with that one.

Alright, thanks for trying to help though!

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This game has a similar issue but it got resolved after a day or two, I’m pretty sure @JR_01 reported it on Trello.

Both games work fine for me

My game got fixed like I said.

And I said "both"

Don’t get toxic, you’re just jealous because my game is so much better.

I don’t really know too much about this one. Sounds like you’ll have to redo everything @Yorkie2323 :confused:

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I worked on those sound effects for so long.

I’m sure @ManiacPumpkin or @AbstractGallery could help you out.

;( But I been making this game for so long :sob:

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I’m sorry :frowning: . Maybe if you wait like meburningslime did

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Here, this should cheer you up.

Thanks! You’re the best! :+1:t2: :muscle:

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Classic response… you’re starting to sound repetitive

Happy Birthday elongated!-export

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wait, wut? you guys are killing me today


It was a group effort. I’m glad we’re working well :rofl: