My game will no longer load

@grazer Please help me recover this game Flowlab Game Creator - Dank manne it is not loading in edit or play mode after copying or refreshing the browser it was working just fine until i deleted one sprite

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I alerted Grazer and he was able to fix it.
Just don’t set blank objects to polygon…

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Like @JR01 said - your issue was an object “Brian” that has an empty sprite, and Polygon collision shape (why?) and a Flip block. The strange combination of those three things was making the engine unhappy.

I set the Brian object to a rectangle collision for now to work around the issue, and I’ll see if I can figure out a workaround in the engine. In the meantime, only use polygon colliders where you really need them - they are complicated and slow compared to rectangles and circles.

If you do need a polygon shape, that’s fine too - just make sure your sprite has some pixels for the collision generator to make a shape from.

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So a game break down if you have a empty sprite with a polygon collision?

I’ve never seen a rectangle collision only a square one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

thanks a lot next time I wont do that

Actually, empty sprite with polygon collision isn’t sufficient to break it. In order to trigger this error you need:

  1. Empty sprite
  2. Polygon collision
  3. Run a Flip behavior

If you do all three of those, the error will show up.

Oh, why do you need the Flip to break it?

There may be other ways, but in this particular case, the Flip seems to be breaking the fallback circle collider that gets generated when a Polygon can’t be created due to the sprite having no visible pixels.