so I’ve heard why this normally happens you have too many large sprites. I had that but i deleted them i know it still usually happens still but i don’t want to delete my game I’VE WORKED SO LONG AND HARD!!! here is a link to my game

post a link to the game

@“JR 01” I added it to the description

@jessetime360 - it looks like you have uncovered an issue in the engine. I’ll take a look and try to deploy a fix tonight.

thank you!

Hey @jessetime360 - I believe that the crash should be fixed, let me know if you continue seeing it.

thank you so much

@grazer I’m sorry but I don’t think it is fixed it is doing the exact same thing

it is actually doing it more than it was before

Are there any steps you can take to trigger it? Alternatively, if it crashes - you can open up the web console and post the error (usually in red). That may help me track it down.

How to open the console:

ok thanks

doing what it said doesn’t seem to be doing anything

ctrl+shift+j right?

ok reloaded the screen a couple of times and it doesn’t seem to be crashing anymore. if I run into this problem again I will make sure to contact you

I think it is just because I didn’t reload the screen I’m am really sorry for probably making you do more work than needed

hey, @grazer this time its not even letting me in half the time

it says there is nothing wrong is it just my game or…

There was a server issue last night that was causing slow loading, should be OK now though.

oh ok