My Helpline!

Hi! I think I’m a pretty good game maker and if anyone needs any help please ask! Here’s a link to my game for a large project:

Or any button you would like :smiley:

nice work :slight_smile:

My group for the project is trying to raise awareness about preserving the environment. I wanted to make a game and Flowlab is AWESOME!

Cool game. If you need help with anything in it just ask.

Thank you guys so much!

how do you make a opening menu

Just make a level, make it 1 in the list, and call it Menu. Then make a new block and add some behaviors like “mouseclick linked to next level”


How do you upload original music?

Is this music that you’ve recorded yourself?

me and mhx prefer, it allows you to upload MP3 files for this kinda use. I also use a file converter to turn music from garageband (made by apple) to MP3!

so its best to use that for do-it-yourself music