my main game sprite's animations have been broken

all of the animations for the main sprite in my game have been broken because some stupid green boxes keep on showing up on corrupting it, even when I add them back the green boxes do not go away, they keep reappearing. The sprites I upload also turn out to be very small in contrary to when I first added them, they were perfectly fine, they also fall straight through the ground. Can I have a fix for my sprite + animations by getting a version of my game before this problem came up? It came around last night at around 8PM. @grazer

Hey @grumboy,

I think you accidentally turned on debug mode. Debug mode is to view the colliders of objects.

To turn this off, you can press Ctrl+D. Make sure flowlab is focused (just click something in flowlab), because it’s also a browser shortcut to bookmark the page (in chrome… not sure about the other browsers).

Did you change the size of your character recently?
Making your character smaller messes everything up.

@Latif3 i didnt, it still makes all my animations green

@SnakeInMyHoot no I haven’t

I think I can explain this. Flowlab can only handle spritesheets that are X big. However, making your object larger means every individual frame is now that size, and the sprite sheet has to get bigger to handle it, but also, you will reach the limit faster.

Try not to use animations on big objects

Hey @grumboy - Post a link to your game so I can see what’s going on. I don’t know what game you’re talking about. @grazer

Hey @grumboy I can see that the animation sprites in the Grumboy object are messed up for sure. Do you recall what triggered the problem? I noticed that the sprite is larger than 1 grid cell, did resizing the sprite cause it?

I think so @grazer