My new character review

i just want to talk about my new character like how does it look and what should improve i’m kinda goin for a cave like creature.he is being worked on i have a sketch but i didn’t bring it to school. he was built by past humans but was left behind to die so he slept in a cave for 5000 years and came out for revenge.

how does it look? any ideas?

To be honest, it reminds of Devastator from Transformers, lol. I think it looks pretty cool, but I was try to lean away from making him look blocky or stiff. (the pixels are fine, just his stance) His limbs are like sticking out and look like he is very stiff, but I can tell that its just a model so I can’t really say much. Looks pretty cool to me.

I am a fan of the transformers. But you gave me a new perspective to look at this from, I thank you for this. I am the man who came up with this design.
that was my brother sorry about that but he did make the desgn

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Looks pretty cool to me, I can see this becoming like a super cool boss fight.

Look at this

i dont have access so i cant