My New Game(Which Will Be Big) Called "Darkening Days: An Eternian Story"

Hey I could use some help, I need people to help with music and art. This game is gonna be much bigger once I get indie. Here is the current link to it take a look at the monsters-

i would like to help with art ( i do music to I need this in kind of pixel art form, and a upright position.

it says i cant go it is catergorized as mature art

Dont worry about animations YET, I want to see how you do with the base model, so take your time

whaddya mean by base model?

base models begin with white

the base appearance for when not doing animation

oooh so thats like the main character?

one of them, he is the controlled character, then i will have party members for him, one is a mage and another a warrior (not really thier classes, pretty much their roles*

got it (at lest tenty chrater

does he need to be bending down?

I can help too since you are helping with my game dying destiny

I depends on you, which ever is easier.

im in school im making a game it might be untill november to finnish my pixel version of yours

from, @8-bit_Studio

To @The_Undying

Well actually thats pretty good speed, take your time i still need to make the hp of the monsters

ok @The_Undying i will take my time and you will to :smiley:

i only got the head rn heres my progress

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no too bad but the teeth ar a bit off