my new game

my new game is a mario based theme except mario is named knut [k nute]

NICE GAME DYLAN!!! THAT WAS AWSOME You did git me on the boss snail 2 what was tricky. nice credits oh you better look at mines I made some changes on the bottom of the description

I am on free addition on flowlab I don’t buy things like buying things.

I change my username in the game it says “TheCreator27284” I made that change so I can’t change it in this game but in the game I can. Questions are you guys brother’s. I have record the game.

Here a better version Add a timer for how long some has to beat the coarse.

if wanted code: Always>timer(TimeSet:10;Repeat:1)>{in}Number(-1)>{+}number(Any)>Filter(“Equal to 0”)>PauseGame
>alert>reset/NextLevel(“Reset Prosses(game)”)

thanks and yes we are brothers and yes i will add a timer and what level should i add the timer

Level where the lava to exit boss 2 and I will message you so look at you inbox

If you need help on certain code I will give it to you

comment you forgot to put p to pause you didn’t place it. Code: keyboard(“P”)>Pausegame(pause)


cool I have brothers and sisters they can be crazy to me but it’s them

now that i look back on it i honestly dont want to add a pause button

but i will add a timer on the big zungazungiz fight

never mind ill add it

@deeloonie hey awsome game! it was really cool, and challenging. i found a bug tho, because you have a counter for lifes but the label that says health turns in to a counter aswell whe you loose a life! (og s m jeg si at det er kult ha noen andre norske folk her !) i assume you are Norwegian since the name is Knute and the norwegian flag. but if your not youl probably not understand anything of what i wrote

I think your game is #1 Awesome game that I ever played

it’s fine if you don’t want the pause button

I made an update it’s rear if you look at my discussion it’s on level 5.
I played again I see you add a timer I think that time was right Now I know how to beat it from challenging to EASY :slight_smile:

I am very norweigion and but i dont speak norweigion thanks and i did add the pause thank you very much
my last name is knutson so that kind of indicates norweigion

ill fix the bug to thanks for letting me know

and that is very nice of you to say that it is your favorite game.

It is ABOVE SCALE and no problem
I try to keep thing organized in proper instruction

I have an updated my game check it out on play my games>hardcore partcore pt.1 summer addition>look at updates play>Level 5 it is on.


No problem any time

so magnus Aalde you are norweigion and thanks for saying its cool

i’m ahead of you ive already played it by the way good game

Thx no I am Norwegian or maybe I am. I’m not sure. I know some stuff Italian, German and more just I don’t know. Oh I know how to pronounce that the name “Knut”

Grammar mistake- “ive” should be “I’ve”.

question do you want to count fails so like when you lose all 3 life’s if will count as a fail? I will give you the code for that then reset game/prosses per fail

you have permission to look at the behavior at my game"Hardcore partcore"