My Pocket Planet - PixelPizza's Game Concept

My Pocket Planet - Mobile Game (a concept)
This is the game I referred in a discussion before. This game is just a concept of an idea I had and it was made in just 9 hours including making all sprites and animations. (maybe just sharing it now because I’m lazy or I forgot) And it does have a save system yay.

The game:
My Pocket Planet is mobile tycoon game where you can, as the name says, have your own planet inside your pocket!
The game is played by just clicking in the planet in the centre of the screen. Collect the four elements to level up to the first level.

The Future:
In the future(if I decide to continue) I would add cooler and complexier things like:

  • Humans with professions that would help you to improve your Planet;
  • Animals like cows, pigs or even Dinossaurs;
    -Buildings(Bigger than the first 4 elements);
    -Space Stations to discover other Planets;
  • More Items in the Store (obviously);
  • And a element maker ( Merge elements and see what you can do);

Play it here:
Music by the fantastic man: Eric Matyas

Hope you guys like it :smiley: <3


9 hours? Very nice.

@CrimsonBlackGames :smiley: ez haha

@“Mhx Ar” Thxs. Yap I started at midnight and finished at 9 am ahha

Looks nice. I like how it saves everything, that’s always a big chore.

@PixelPizza Late shout but I think this is a gem of a game. Definitely consider getting this on the app store. Great logic on the clouds btw…

This is just a concept I would have to finish it before post it.
Meanwhile I have to focus on Awakening more.

But Thanks I will consider it.

It’s basically a cookie clicker. I’m not sure how popular these games still are. I’ve seen a lot of interesting takes on it, including getting a bunch of autoclickers to outclick fast clicking click bosses in a reverse tug of war click battle.

This is pretty awesome! It has the potential to look like a professional retro game you could find on the app store. Amazing work :smiley:

@“Mhx Ar” yap. it is.

@Luminous Thank you