My Smash Engine

Since everyone seems to be working on some sort of Smash project, I decided to make one myself real quick.
I was planning on using this engine in my Shifter game, but I wanted to make a few test versions first, and work on sprites.
I did one a bit differently, you fight a sandbag with sky kill, edge kill, jump back, and return to stage, with respawning.

Controls: Arrows to move and Jump, use S to attack

(I haven’t made many sprites for Mhx yet, so it’s just this pixel wind thing.)
You can jump and hit them mid air to influence bounce back attacks and try to hit them off screen.
They will try to get back on the stage, but sometimes go too far and suicide.
There are fall collisions, so you can double and triple jump back up on the stage, or keep jumping
off of the sand bag for an intense mid-air fight.

(Just keep jumping and keeping them mid-air.
If you hit them high enough, they will spin far away into the background like Team Rocket.)
I’ve gotten some pretty intense kills, and even threw the bag backwards across the map, and once
dunked it straight down, and it didn’t get a chance to jump back up.

The sky and the island was you who done or you find it on google? the style of sprites has nothing to do with each other … I dont want to be rude but it seems to be done by different people …

Yeah, the background was just a pixel sky I edited so it repeats the background, while the stage was cut out and edited from a 3DS screenshot. I didn’t feel like making them from scratch for a test stage, but I could, since I usually make my own graphics.