My spaceship is being cut off by the screen! -0

Screenshot 2019-10-05 at 7.29.27 PM

I’ve reloaded the game, deleted and respawned the ship, everything! Please, I need help!


Sorry, @“JR 01”

Its cutting off because of the center of the object is to the game screen size (32x15)

You could attach a 1x1 object to the ship to center it, but I don’t understand why you have control over a modeled ship… If not attach then extract the X and Y into the 1x1 camera object

@“JR 01” , The ship is under player control right now because there’s no actual player to be. Once there is, clicking on the center of the ship will allow for driving it through space.
Oh, and thanks for answering. (=

@browngr reload ^

Also for clicking the ship could give control but I think giving control on a new expanded map (or new level) where the ship itself is small (and doesn’t take over the entire screen) to explore space.

Giving control of the ship in this model doesn’t let you see too much

Thanks, @“JR 01” , I like the idea! Although I can’t do that in the free version, the Christmas Update is right around the corner, which means that your idea is going to be in the game within months! =D