my sprites keep disappearing

i have just upgraded to an indie account, and every time i make an object larger than the default, close the website, and go back in, all of my larger sprites have been turned to default size, and the rest of the sprite is gone. i would really appreciate if someone could tell me if this is happening to anybody else, or if it’s something wrong with my account on it’s own.

Could you describe all of which objects are changing back to default and leave a link to the game.

@“JR 01”

this game is supposed to start in a bedroom, its kind of going to be a survival game.
the blue block by the character was a bed stretching all the way to the wall, and the chair with the blanket used to be a larger sprite of two chairs.

this has happened on a few of my games before but definitely the most on this one.

Yah, this happened to me to, I found it happened more in larger games with more lag but it still happens in small games. The best thing I found was reloading the page or even logging out if it started happening a lot or just leaving the tab open for a while after you resize something giving the website time to save it.

thanks, i’ll try that. it’s good to know that it’s not just me having that problem.