Name change

Is it possible to change my name to Latif? I’m hating the 3 so much :frowning:

i Tried the same thing too but it only let me change my password and email.

Normally you could, but for some reason there are tons of latifs already.


Yeah, I’ve messed up and made lots of accounts but I actually never really use them. I wish @grazer to remove them all except Latif3, and rename that account to Latif. Would be really nice.

@grazer If you can’t delete accounts just rename Latif to something else and rename Latif3 to Latif

Oh wait don’t remove Latif’s Tutorials. The game for the tutorials is in it.

Hey @Latif3 - I changed your username to “Latif”. You may need to log out of the forums and back in for it to take effect here (or you may need to change it in your forum profile manually, not sure).

Thank you! :slight_smile: My name in flowlab is changed now but in the forums it’s still the same. I tried to log in again but nothing happened. I’m also not seeing anything in the preferences about changing your name.

[spoiler]Cool, there’s a vintage Latif now[/spoiler]

wait so how does one change their name?

@grazer could rename my account ( CaRlzz) to FaTe_MICCRO1234

I wish @grazer to rename my account ( CaRlzz) to FaTe_MICCRO1234 . Would be really nice.

i stuffed up bad i just chose a >name because i thought it would let you change it.
),: sad life

Can my name be changed to Jackson