Name-specific proximity sensors just don't work

I’m trying to make it so when you scroll your mouse over the Normal, Timer, Arcade and Help buttons in my game Bounce Jam, text pops up giving you a short description of the gamemode.

I’m doing this using the proximity sensor behavior. Since all the buttons are the same object just with different nicknames i tried having the proximity sensor find an object with a specific name –

But for some reason every-time i try to select the object name, it looks like i selected it but it behaves like i never changed anything and refreshing the page confirms that it didn’t go through

Is this just a me problem or does everyone get this?

PS: The code for all that is in the “Mouse” object, by the way

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@JR01 Something tells me you already figured out a way around this…

On the mouseclick block there is a “over” output. use that instead, because it means the mouse is over whatever button.

Oh and hey @grazer make it so there is an output for leaving the proximity box.

No need, just use a “Nor” gate like what i did. It sends a pulse after something exits the proximity sensor

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All Of The “Proximity”'s Seem To Work And Have Names

does nor mean if the selected trigger isn’t happening, it will act as a trigger?

It means “Not or”, if you hook the proximity sensor up to just 1 of the inputs it only activates after the input stops. It works for things other than proximity sensors too!

ooooooooh okay thanks.

Can you print-screen me a picture so i know we’re talking about the same thing?

yeah just use the over input in the mouse click behavior

How would that even work?

That doesn’t specify which object i want

the over input will give an out put when you mouse is over that object Specifically

@nrypsjc There Are Two Inputs. If Both Are Triggered (By Using Something Like The Always Trigger) It Will Stop Outputing. <---------- ^

If You Select “nor” On The “logic gate” Behavor Then It Will Always

Firstly: I want this all to be done in the Mouse block, that’s the reason i want the proximity sensors to work

Secondly: All the buttons are the same object, just with different names

I mean’t what was IN the proximity sensors


See “Any Object”? That’s supposed to be a name

Try filling that in right now with “Normal” and tell me if the text now only starts appearing when it’s over the normal button

Its Always Showing “button” Not “Any Object”