NAND isn't working
I have a painting that disappears when you get too far away from it, so I hooked up a NAND logic gate to a proximity trigger, only problem is that the NAND gate triggers when it shouldn’t, could someone check it out, tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hey, I checked out the NAND gate, and it seems to be working OK in general. I took a look at your game logic, and I had a hard time deciphering what’s going on.

When I play the game, the screen is black and nothing happens? It seems paused, but I don;t see the logic to pause the game. If the game is paused, then the gate will not be running, but I’m not sure if that’s the issue.

@grazer Got it to work, one of the UI objects obscured an important alert, you can check now.

Ok, I removed the pause at startup and took a look, and the NAND seemed to be behaving as expected, but it wasn’t obvious what you are trying to accomplish with that painting logic. Also, you don’t strictly have to send a “1” into the game inputs, anything other than “0” will count as “on”.