Need a player sprite for my movment shooter

setting: you are in a dystopian world trying to kill baddies and staying in the shadows (that means a black hoodie or somthin

maybe a bad guy aswell so maybe the same thing except with a robot or the player but without the hoodie and a different colored shirt

idk i might be able to do it later

thanx BradenS. I appreciate it

should it be like, very pixelated or detailed? and should it have an outline or not

somewhere in between. maybe?

oops, i almost forgot!
what size do you want it to be?

2 blocks tall
(is this 20 characters?)

ok, and just 1 block wide?
(just like this post if yes)

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yes I would like it (to be 2 blocks tall)

im drawing it rn

noice (it looks good)…(…)…

@Vaprzz i finished your sprite, does it look good or do you want any changes

img_asset_13691326 ← this is the downloadable version

maybe make the arms more visible so he can hold a gun

hmm ok

or maybe so make 2 separate sprites. 1 for shotgun 1 for pistol

I’m going to be gone for a bit but I’ll come back in about 2 hours

alright, you could just draw a gun over this sprite
img_asset_13691326 (1) ← downloadable

img_asset_13691326 (2)

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