Need a way to type on a flowlab block.

There should be a way to put typing on a flowlab block. How did Luminous make his words?

Actually there is a text behaviour

Luminous made an animation with different text in each frame. If you connect a number behavior to the “go to” input of an animation behavior you can select a frame to show. So you can do it when the user clicks the screen it adds +1 to the number, so it will show the next frame.

Also, if you’re wondering how to draw text. There isn’t a text tool in the flowlab sprite editor so you’ll have to do it with paint (or something else), and upload the sprite to flowlab.

Can you give me a site where I can type and upload it to flowlab?

@masada!jh4 Use windows PowerPoint

Two questions. Can you upload typing from Word, and if you can, how would you upload it? If not, how do you take typing from power point to flowlab?

What OS do you use? Windows? Mac?

If windows:
Create a Text box.
Write down your text.
Give the box a fill color (and stroke if you want)
Right-click: export as image

Don’t forget to resize it

Yes, I use Windows. And thank you PixelPizza.

I was going to suggest snipping tool, but that works