Need game ideas!

I’m making an RPG, I need ideas!

What type of RPG like a medieval or fantasy based or more sci-fi.

If its a more fantasy based then you can get some ideas from this dungeon theme RPG (please don’t take art cause I plan on doing something with this)

Also the sword and fighting system is a little broken at the moment.

Here’s the link: Link (The Legend of Zelda) - Wikipedia

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Why must you do this to me, lol.

Here’s the real link:

Hmm, maybe try adding some sort of Inventory system with maybe quests and a merchant to make the game feel more like an inventory based which makes it pretty fun, but inventory based games are very difficult to make so I would probably stick to making it more of an exploration RPG.

I was going for a kind of Zelda like game (with no inventory because those behaviors are very complicated and will probably burn me out) but with some sort of twist. I need a unique feature.