Need Help Pleaasee

Is there any way to make it that when I collide with an object it triggers another object to appear.
The emit function is not what I mean.
As in an object would start invisible until you collide with another object which triggers the said object to appear.
For Example: I run into 1, 1 is destroyed and 2 appears.

I know how to destroy.
Its just the appearing of Block 2 that I need help with.

So why not emit? I mean you could have alpha at 0.

Depending on the effect you want, I see a few possible options:

  1. Create an animation that shows object A destroying and becoming object B
  2. Add both objects, and start object B’s alpha at 0. When A is destroyed, it could send a message to B telling it to appear
  3. Have object A emit object B with 0 force when it gets destroyed

Also, you can have the block teleport in by sending it a message to appear at a certain x and y position, although, this is a bit more for advanced users.

Sounds like animate would be the best option here. Just create an animation image for object 1 as a substitute for object 2. Upon colliding with object 1, animate to object 2 (or the animation in this case). If you need separate behaviors for “object 2”, you’re going to have to play around with the behaviors within object 1.