Need help resetting keyboard trigger across all levels.

Hi there,

I’m building a “choose your own adventure”-style game and right now on every level, I’ve set up keyboard triggers so that clicking A, B or C will take you to specific next levels - which also have the options of choosing A, B or C. Unfortunately, the game seems to remember the original stroke that was chosen, and continues playing the game through based on this first keystroke (i.e. if you choose A in the first level, it then powers through the entire game by choosing A for every level). This is despite me choosing

The keystroke is being programmed on the “Choose A, B, C” banner - and each of the banners is a separate banner (so they are individual). The game is found here (ignore Level 1, it’s just an intro level):

If anyone has any ideas on how to stop the skipping through the game that is happening, and reset the keyboard stroke at every level, please do let me know! :slight_smile: