Need help with a Dash Ability

I’ve been trying to create a dash ability for my top down game, I wanna make it so that the character will dash a short distance pointing at the mouse when you press a key, how can I implement this effectively?

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Here’s a example game I made a while back:

It uses click or spacebar to dash, but you can change that.
Change by changing these behaviours:

(sorry for black arrows)

Just copy the “dash” bundle.

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What alterations/additions would i need to make to make this work from a platformer perspective? I want to make a jump-king-esque game using your mouse as the main form of movement. I tried just copy-pasting the code but that leaves a weird floating down effect


oh, I thought you said top down. I’ll give you a different example soon

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Also @Dinossairo does this solve your problem?

What kind of dash do you want @DankzDead

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a mouse-click dash that works on a 2-d platformer