Need help with an inventory.

Ok so I’m trying to make an inventory, it saves the items that the user has so when u load it up again the items will still be there, and when u pick up an item, it goes to ur inventory. I just have no idea how to do any of this, like, idk how to make the item appear in your inventory and save when u load the game again, need help from anyone whos good at behaviors, could you just tell me the fundamentals of what behaviors I would need and like how it would all work, and how they affect each other. Thanks.

i also need it to be able to make it so you can drop items out of your inventory

Here’s an inventory example I made.
Should be what your looking for.

Inventory example:

kthx man

ok so i think i kinda understand, thx man

@“JR 01” so I understand what you did, but what I need is so that instead of it already being in the inventory, and u just turn its transparency up or whatever, I need it to automatically find a spot in the inventory, cuz the inventory I need won’t be able to hold that many items.

That shouldn’t be too hard, you can use a save for each slot. Use a number to represent each object and 0 means empty. If slot 1 doesn’t = 0, check slot 2.

I’ll make changes to the example later today to represent this.

@praisetheyuppee, If you want the items to automatically find a spot and also update to the closes spot in the row. I tried my best;

Advance Inventory:

@“JR 01” dude thx so muxh!

Hey, @“JR 01”, So, is this a similar idea to the Pip-Boy I’m trying to make in Fallout Anarchy? If so, I think I might need something else. There are already dozens of items in the game, maybe hundreds, hundreds more to go nonetheless. Do you think you could help me with a compact version of this that works like a Pip-Boy, saving features and all? I know it’s a lot to ask, but if you’ve seen or played Fallout, you know how important it is.