Need help with Camera issues

So in my game for some reason every time dialogue pops up it will send the camera to the spawn location until you click enter to continue. There’s not even any camera behaviors attached to the dialogue sprite. I honestly have no idea what’s happening here or how to fix it. Anyone who can help? @JR01? @grazer?

It’s because you have an auto camera behavior is inside the start pipe that the player comes out od and makes the screen shake.

I would actually suggest to make a new broken pipe that would be behind (and invisible) the start pipe.
Then delete the start pipe after the player has spawned, showing the broken pipe (now visible) that’s behind it.

Okay, thanks. I was starting to wonder why everything started bugging out since it never happened to be before, and after I one of my sprites got deleted (for some reason) my game has never been the same.