Need help with cameras. (Solved)

I need help with how to make a camera. Here is my game:

I need the camera to go from the left wall to the right wall all on one screen.

check out the dynamic camera example on

I already looked through there and I just looked again but I cant find anything.

Looked at that one too, already tried it didn’t work.

you can just add a camera behavior

How am I supposed to do that?

Oh that’s what you meant… yeah already tried that and i dont know how to get both the left and right wall on the screen at the same time.


Oh my god… im an idiot, thank you i’m so sorry i wasted your time.

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take the camera block from the components section and set up its x and y

@edwardi already helped thank you though

I have one more question if someone is still here.

So when I click play the camera waits until my character is in the middle of the screen, is there a way to make the camera start moving immediately.

That’s exactly what you will achieve (camera moving immediately) if you add a camera behavior inside the player object.

You can watch and learn more about the Camera behavior here:
(It also teaches how to make the exact type of camera you want)


Can anybody help me with a camera that is a simple setup as I’m new to game devolopment

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It’s better to create a new topic than to bring up an old one. :slight_smile:


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