Need help with character movement

Hello guys. First time posting here so sorry if I’m not in the right place . I need help having the character move like this character in a game called “galaxy” on
Basically, I want my character to move like its on ice. The character moves faster the longer the key is pressed and so on.

Also forgot to add that the character should slow down when the opposite direction key is pressed but continue to glide.

Welcome, the category for the post is a “How to” or “play my game” instead.
Also try to leave a link to the game so we can experiment and try solutions ourselves to help you.
With that out of the way, here is a solution from the top of my head.

You could either use a motor to grow and decay the speed of the character.
making a motor for going right, and one for going left.
Motors slowly (continually) increase and countering it with another should help the fast and slow speeds.