Need help with emitting

So I’m making a sonic game and have no clue on how to make it so when sonic is hit he drops all of rings in a circle.

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Make it repeat this as many rings as he has:
repeater (out) gets a random number 0-360, and sets that to the angle of the emit
make the emitter emit a ring looking object (a particle)
make the repeater out go to a timer of 1 and emit the ring.

ok, thanks, and any way to make them bounce?

change the bounce in the properties

I’m not sure how it works in the sonic game, but if you wanted you could do this (It’s a little harder). When sonic is hit, get the number of rings he has and divide 360 by it (360/A), then each time you emit the rings increase the angle by the number you got. that will give you a more perfect circle.


could i get a example picture actually?

Btw the “Rings” number behavior has 10 in it because I was testing that it works.

you just exposed your newest project, and i must say it looks insane.

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oh oops, ty for saying it looks nice though.

so keep the rings at zero?

also, what do i hook up global to, the ring counter gui?

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you hook it up to the number of rings

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