Need help with game art :)

I suck at game art so I was wondering if anyone could help me? (do it for me lol)
I need golf ball sprites, I have a plain white one already:
I need them to all be the same size so you can use the white one as a template.

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I’m working on one right now but I’m also doing school.

I’m in school rn lol supposed to be reading…

i can. wheres the white one?

Above the third sentence.

Then go do that!!!

I am, reading other peoples posts.

Bruh. Go learn.

I learnt it all, I am smart boi

U will hav big brian

I already do
I in advance math and englis hhhhhhhhhh ofehnf0ewinf so I know how to spell…

oh lol im just art not spelling or nutin loollll

I’m totally up for this. What do you need?

@Yorkie2323 here you go. Dark/light swirl ball.
Golf ball (1)

Thanks a ton! I’ll use this. Thanks again for the help.

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Just @ me anytime you need my help

Water ball
Golf ball (2)

Fire ball. For this one, I just replaced the colors with the water ball and darkened certain areas.
Golf ball (3)

Untitled 03-10-2021 11-13-26
Normal Golf Ball

thanks guys, especially @hihilogic, I’ll definitely use those!

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