Need help with making soul crushers

Soul Crushers development is going by really REALLY slow and I could use some help as I dont want this game to be stuck in development heck. Anyone feel like taking on the challenge with me?


ya sure i will i got the guts

here are my hours that i can work on it 7.30 to 9.40 then 11.10 to 12.30 pm then 2.00 to 3.05 pm 7.00 to 11.00 pm

Link to the game?

I think this is it:

yeah that was it

Thanks, but the player dissapears every time you go on any level

He has a save feature where it adds 80 to both its X and Y location, saves it and then reads it teleporting the player upon playing. Not exactly sure why, but thats the reason.

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well I took it out how about now

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Yeah I think its fixed. You should make it so that it reads the players location and then reads it on start instead of using 80. Unless 80 X and Y is a specific location, I would recommend that it knows where the player is at and saves, but only reads on start. Not sure if that would be easier or exactly how save behaviors work, I don’t use them much.

the boss is not finished

message me when i start