Need help with Minecraft like terrain generation

I need help with my Minecraft (but 2d) game

i can’t just help someone when they say something like
‘I need help with my car’
since in this situation I have no specific details. Please give us more specific details as well as give us a link and show us what is wrong.

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based and redpilled

I am making a Minecraft game as well so i might be able to help! If you can give me the link to the game i can try and see if i can help :smile:

well i deleted it cuz i gave up on it cuz this communtiy sucks sooo

Wth, I think the flowlab community is the nicest I’ve been in.

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We didn’t quite understand what you were asking.

How does this community suck? You never exactly gave much description on what you wanted. Like what kind of terrain generation are you looking for?

You can’t go around asking for huge systems of code and when someone’s asks to be a bit specific doesn’t mean that the entire community sucks.

all im asking is just terrain genaration idk why you need me to explain it more thats it not like i need cloud gen nether gen end gen all im working on is just the overworld\

At least people take time out of projects they are doing to try to help.

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well i just need terrain like minecraft thats it nothing else

Like are there caves involved? Different altitude? Or everything is just flat, but randomly generates the altitude layer of stone?

Like I have an example I could send you, but I can’t give you anything specific cause terrain generation has a lot fields and details in it.

You were asking a lot though, do you realize how hard generation is???

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I understand you want something similar to minecraft, but loading each section by chunks and having different biomes and stuff isn’t exactly easy to do on a 2D software.

i didnt ask for anything else just terrain that goes infinitly

no i dont

Like we don’t know if you want mountains, hills, caves, animals, oceans, structures, ect.

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no i just need trees and gen\

Well, flowlab probably can’t handle infinite worlds. If I made a world generation that had infinite blocks in either direction, your computer would literally deep fry. And if each block has their own code such as mining and breaking it, I don’t think even the strongest PC could run that, since flowlab’s data is a lot different than some 3D software and it’s not made for such a large project.

See that right there is what we had trouble understanding Galactian even asked for more info and you didn’t respond.

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