Need help with the bar

Im making the game i’ve always making and im making a meter a anger meter the more noise you make the meter gets more full and when it is full you die i really need help with this so please answer

You could just add the bar behavior and make its max and low to 100 to 0. And maybe make it add one or something every time you make a noise or something. You could add a timer that makes the bar slowly go down over time (if that’s what you need) so that way you can regenerate instead of full on stacking up the anger bar. I’m currently in school so I can’t exactly give you an example.

I will try that and will see if it works

it worked!!! thank you very much

Now i need to figure out when its full you die… :thinking:

You could just add a filter on the bar and if the bar is greater than 99 then it will send a message to the player allowing him to die. Sounds a bit harsh, lol.

i made it to 10 but i will try try try that

what sounds a bit harsh your text or the meter??

No the fact of the player being killed, lol. No I don’t mind helping you, I didn’t mean to make that sound harsh, I’m actually pretty good at using bars and stuff so it’s pretty easy explaining that. I should have phrased that a little better.

Edit: if someone reads this and never made a game before and see us talking about a rage bar and then someone dying from a message would be pretty harsh, lol. That’s the only thing I meant by the word.

Ok the filter thing worked play through the game and touch 10 plush toys

Edit: The plush toys have no arms and they are close to the mannequin he will change when you touch a plush toy