Need help with Timers

Hello! I am making a game where basically you need to take all the “patients” to the safe pool, and you can get infected and die if you don’t do it fast enough.

My problem is that how do I make it so that when the player hits the safe pool before the alert “You have been infected!” shows up, the timer won’t go off?
Also, if they do get infected, they need to run to the medicine (inside St. Maria, the building behind the safe pool) and when they collide with it the timer for dying stops as well.

here is my game: Flowlab Game Creator - A Travel back to Renaissance
level > “1” (level 6)
object > “player”

The controls are still a bit confusing but I’ll fix that later on.

You just connect the event to the reset of your timer.

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@hihilogic okay, i’ll try that. thanks!


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