Need Help!!!!

I’m Really Baffled about some of this stuff, like when i emit a coin it shows up on the left and when mario gets big when you stop walking and then start again 1 frame is mini mario! Please help!!!


The emit direction is currently relative to the “forward” direction of the object emitting it.

To make the coin emit from the top, edit the “? Block” object, click “properties”, and then set the “forward” direction to “up”. This way the emitter will emit coins in the up direction.

I would also recommend making the coin object both “movable” and “affected by gravity”.

Thank you so much!! im kinda a newb at these XD

I’m doing the same thing, Yours is looking really good so far, check mine out!

Haven’t completed the blocks though, nor is there power-ups yet, but that’ll come soon, unless, maybe we could create a joint account for a joint Mario game project ;D.

oh yeah that would be awesome! im good with sound and everything so yeah!!!